Inside the new Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee Experience Bar
Check out ifc's new Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee Experience Bar, it's the only Starbucks in Hong Kong that serves alcohol.

ifc mall's latest innovative culinary pitstop comes from none other than Starbucks itself. Widely known as the pick-up-and-go fast coffee chain, Starbucks has been revamping its image to offer customers a more bespoke experience. The newly-revamped Starbucks is in the same location on Podium Level 2, but revamped with the all-new Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee Experience Bar. With a stunning interior, the Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee Experience Bar also features a upgraded menu - and is the only Starbucks that offers alcohol in Hong Kong.

Alcohol options include coffee-infused craft beers, wines, gourmet coffee blends, a Starbucks Reserve™ range of merchandise and a wider range of light meal options such as cured-meat-and-cheese boards, dips, skewers and more. This move serves to elevate the Starbucks brand, and to attract customers to come by for a drink - not only in the morning but after work as well.

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