What to order at La Rambla by Catalunya
Great news for the Mediterranean food lovers out there: the new La Rambla by Catalunya is now open at ifc

The new La Rambla by Catalunya is set to become the ultimate go-to destination for a remarkable Spanish feast

The new concept is a contemporary and innovative interpretation of Catalan regional cuisine and traditional Spanish dishes.

Chef Ferran Tadeo – originally from Barcelona – takes inspiration from culinary legends like Ferran Adrià to create an eclectic menu that fuses the distinctive fresh flavours of his homeland with international influences – most notably Japanese techniques and aesthetic.

The setting is classy but still evocative of a neighbourhood tapas bar in Barcelona and benefits from the stunning Hong Kong’s harbour as a background, which can be admired from the al fresco area.

A scrumptious spread at La Rambla, featuring Iberico ham slices, foie gras and eel terrine, avocado and lobster roll, and a seafood paella.

The Truffle Bomba

Following the Catalan tradition, La Rambla's menu comprises a tapas selection, a selection of fresh seafood and meet dishes and a variety of must-try paellas.

The special tasting menu created for the November inauguration is a celebration of the restaurant's new vision, including both technically impressive dishes and classic elements.

Spanish tradition is represented from the very beginning with the first appetizer: pan the Cristal con tomate (the humble tapa simply combining fresh tomato sauce and grilled bread), accompanied by the iconic Jamòn Iberico (freshly hand cut by knife in front of guests in the middle of the dining room) and Cantabrian anchovies.

An obvious highlight of the appetizers' selection is the avocado and lobster roll, a creamy and fresh reinterpretation of the Atlantic dish that resembles a Japanese snack but incorporates the tastes of Spain's coastal regions (like the well-known Catalan Lobster).

The Perfect Egg

Avocado and lobster roll

Among the signature dishes, the truffle bomba, which, as the name implies, is an actual explosion of flavours, stands out. An ode to Barcelona's 'Covas Fumada', this reinvention of the classic tapa is a large deep-fried meatball topped with a smoky and spicy sauce red sauce (also found in the classic 'Patatas Bravas') and Italian white truffle.

The tasting menu also includes an exclusive grilled cut of Kobe beef from Wagyumafia –  Japan's top butcher – that is left almost untouched to preserved its natural juices and is only available at La Rambla.

Thanks to the use of ingredients from Asia, Spain and Europe, La Rambla – much like Barcelona's iconic avenue from which it takes its name – is a terrific representation of Catalunya enriched by cosmopolitan influences and aesthetic adventurism.

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