Four Essential Bags for the Jetsetter
Photographer and frequent traveller Lauren Engel's top bag choices for travelling this summer.

No matter if you're traveling long haul or sneaking a quick trip into a long weekend, there's no need to sacrifice fashion over function when it comes to bag options. Here are just a few photographer and frequent traveller Lauren Engel thinks will keep you chic and prepared for any occasion.

You Need: a Multi-Functional Pouch

This Calvin Klein leather pouch comes in five gorgeous shades of black, red, rose, grey, and baby pink. The versatile size makes the pouch an excellent electronics holder: it can hold an iPad or Bose's new QuietComfort 35 around-ear headphones (pictured below) easily. It also comes in handy as a make-up bag, or even an impromptu minimal party clutch. ifc mall has a great deal running from this week: spend HK$5,000 or more by electronic payment on the same day and you will receive a gift voucher for the pouch. While stocks last.

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A versatile pouch can be used for make-up, or to store your electronics and small items
(Photo by Lauren Engel)

Backpacks are great for travel; this one from Chloe also makes a chic fashion statement
(Photo by Lauren Engel) 

You Need: A Chic Backpack

When you're travelling, a backpack is your best friend. Cameras, passports, wallets, jackets, sunglasses can all fit in easily and leave your hands free while you explore your destination. Chloé's backpack in striking burgundy red, is small yet functional and spacious, and can be carried two ways.

You Need: A Fashionable Carry-All

If you're going for a short weekend trip, the Kenzo Logo Tote Bags with extendable sides is ideal and can make room for all your essentials, including a small pouch to keep all your small items in one place. One version comes with the Kenzo logo boldly on the front, while the other is slightly more understated, with neon orange leather sides that peek through the perforated gussets for an added pop of colour.

Lauren Engel carries a large tote bag by Kenzo and a card holder by Montblanc

Lauren Engel carries a large tote bag from Kenzo with perforated sides and a Calvin Klein Platinum pouch

You Need: A Casual Day Bag

Givenchy's Duetto bag is a fashion-forward statement on its own. The crossbody design with fun contrasts in colour and texture is easy to wear, and comes with functional compartments for small items like loose change and lipsticks.

Lauren Engel carries a Duetto bag from Givenchy 

Lauren Engel carries a Kenzo tote bag 

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