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A loose-cut plain T-shirt not only looks effortlessly stylish but is comfortable as well; in colder weather, do not be afraid to slip on a turtleneck sweater under your suit; a good pair of sunglasses hide the fact that you had a big night out, and makes you look cool at the same time

Top left: Linda Farrow
Top right: BALLY

What's a suitable casual look for young men?
A look that makes you feel confident and comfortable, such as a loose-cut plain T-shirt or a graphic sweatshirt with a pair of jeans, is always a good idea. And I believe in minimalism – less is more, too much is too much.

How can a guy pull off wearing a suit without a shirt?
Wearing a suit with a plain white T-shirt can never go wrong; it's a look that never goes out of style. In colder seasons I would suggest wearing a suit with a turtleneck sweater, which is both easy and stylish.

Is there a professional-looking way for men to wear shorts?
A shirt underneath a buttoned vest, blazer or even a simple cardigan all pair extremely well with shorts. Smart shoes and tailored shorts also help. The best example of this is Thom Browne.

What's a foolproof accessory for men?
A pair of sunglasses that fits the shape of your face. It helps hide the flaws on a particularly tough day, and also maintains an air of mystery.

What is the biggest fashion no-no for men?
Do not try to be something you're not; understand your own character and always stay true to it.

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