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Style and substance meet in Sean Lee-Davies, a man with a head for art as well as science






Sean Lee-Davies is founder and CEO of Awethentic Studio, a multi-media content provider that draws from a cutting-edge audio-visual palette, including AR (augmented reality) and avatar technology to bring 2018 dynamism to projects. Clients, including retail establishments, fashion houses, and those from cultural and hospitality industries, often take him out of Hong Kong. Lee-Davies also runs Awethentic Gallery, showing work by local and international artists and photographers – all exhibits interact with AR for app-activated additional content. Before donning the two sharp outfits for these pages, Lee-Davies took time to reflect on some of his work and play passions and his personal style preferences.

How do you define your company mission?

We focus on using the latest technology to enhance the story-telling experience and to help retailers or other services engage strongly in today's markets. Where retail is suffering – digitising physical spaces – we help companies get ahead. We've also created Awethentic Zoo: as [actual] zoos are going out of fashion and are essentially animal cruelty, we're trying to disrupt this. So Awethentic Zoo is the world's first AR-/VR- and avatar-enabled travelling exhibition on wildlife.

What are your go-to ways to wind down after a whirlwind week in high-tech AV production?

Exercise is essential: I love running and tennis, but kickboxing is my best way to get rid of pent-up frustration. I've been doing it for three years and it's a fantastic workout regime – and it's always nice to think that you can throw a punch in defence if you have to. I'm an avid sailor, so I'm out on the high seas in Hong Kong most weekends. As an antidote to the modern world, I get rid of my phone as soon as I can, and try to meditate whenever possible. 

What are your top men's clothing and accessories brands?

I've always been a fan of [Ermenegildo] Zegna; their suits fit me so well, are so comfortable and I can wear them for a long time. I'm not really an accessorising man – I accessorise with gadgets [laughs]. I try to minimise my look: a white shirt and jeans is what you'll see me in every day, and sometimes suits. 

A lot of people say go organic but I believe in science. Fragrance or scent doesn't worry me that much. I think it's about how effective it is and if it has proven results.

So what gadgets, besides smartphones, are you never without? 

My Apple Watch: it's essentially a fitness tracker for me. It keeps me up to date on how active I've been and how long I've been sitting down. I turn off all other notifications – I don't think we need to see emails on our phone. I always have a camera in my backpack – like a Sony A7R – or a small 'point-and-shoot'.

Name your must-take travel gear.

I go for robust and comfortable clothing – natural organic materials over synthetics where possible – so, for example: merino or yak wool for cold–weather activities. I wear a Panama hat when the weather is good and Ray-Ban Aviator shades. For baggage, I like Tumi for business travel.

Do you have any grooming tips for the Hong Kong gent?

I tend to go natural and minimal-maintenance, but I do think it's important to use a simple moisturiser – coconut oil is good – and wear SPF whenever possible. And if you want to keep your hair, don't have hot showers, only cold ones.

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