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Tea Time
A simple brew can do the body a world of good – check out these spots for the best blends

Long have we understood the health benefits of tea, but let's face it - it's never been the sexiest of beverages. But with wellness on the top of everyone's minds these days, it's time that tea had its moment in the spotlight, and that's exactly what we're giving it here. Whether it's in the form of matcha dessert delights or antioxidant-rich bubble tea, here are some of the best blends to savour at ifc mall. 



Though it’s best known for its superlative pastries and French delights, DALLOYAU is also a purveyor of teas, including an apple tea that is made with premium leaves from fine tea plantations in
Sri Lanka. Served hot or cold, it imparts a delicate fragrance that is light on the palate - as an additional benefit, apple tea is particularly good for boosting immunity and reducing inflammation, while its malic acid content can help with weight loss, a definite boon if you've overindulged on tasty French treats.


Bubble teas aren't exactly known to be healthy - that's unless they come from Flamingo Bloom, which uses all natural, whole tea leaves with no synthetic additives or flavouring. The tea shop focuses on high-quality Chinese teas, eschewing sugar syrups to use fresh fruits as a sweetening agent, which are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Its proprietary blends include the Highland Oolong Highland Skinny Brew, which is great for detoxing; the Jasmine Tips Green Soothing Brew, which can hydrate and relieve stress; and the Chrysanthemum Pu-er Tummy Slimming Brew, which, as its name suggests, aids digestion as well as reducing cholesterol.


Since it was founded over 30 years ago, Fook Ming Tong has been a Mecca for Chinese tea lovers, providing a wide variety of the highest quality leaves, from unfermented green teas to heavily fermented pu-ers and everything in between. As much attention is paid to the leaves as the culture surrounding the meditative art of tea appreciation: Fook Ming Tong's specialists insist on superlative quality of water for brewing, appropriate tea ware and, of course, technique: each tea has its own personality and thus demands its own concentration, water temperature and sitting time. Its prized blends include the Traditional Anxi Tie Guan Yin, Shifeng Pre-Qingming Long Jing and the Jasmine Silver Needle Master's Select.


Known for its delicious desserts, TSUJIRI is a brand founded in 1860 in Kyoto, the home of matcha, which takes the edge off its guilty pleasures by merging them with the health benefits of tea. You can enjoy them alongside or infused into your desserts - the rich Uji matcha is filled with the antioxidant EGCG, and helps to burn calories, relax the mind and body, and aid with concentration; while its genmaicha regulates thyroid hormones, improves blood flow and digestion, assists in inducing sleep and can help with brain function, too. The matcha puddings, ice creams, cheesecakes and roll cakes are to die for.


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