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Match your fragrance to your style with this guide

City Slicker

The Look: She's a city girl through and through, more comfortable in cosmopolitan cities than the countryside, and don't you dare take away her WiFi signal. Her wardrobe is practical and functional, a mix of uptown basics and downtown cool.

The Fragrance: Le Labo has just launched a City Exclusive scent inspired by Hong Kong – Bigarade 18 is a sophisticated combination of citrus, bergamot and neroli petals, enhanced by a whisper of dark wood. This blend of old and new is a tribute to founder Eddie Roschi's childhood memories of the Fragrant Harbour.

Snow White

The Look: This minimal animal stands out from the crowd despite never veering from her preferred winter whites. Always put together, she's the envy of all her friends for her luxe vibe, looking on trend without even trying.

The Fragrance: Byredo's Blanche (available at Lane Crawford) was pretty much made for her, dedicated as it is to her favourite colour, or rather absence of. But this is a deceptively simple scent, with white roses and pink pepper top notes; violet, neroli and peony at centre; with a base of wood and musk.

Modern Juliet

The Look: She may have a fondness for drama and ruffles, but this is no prissy look. To keep things contemporary, the modern romantic loves to incorporate unexpected style details that mark her as a woman of 2019.

The Fragrance: YSL Beauté's Grain de Poudre from its Vestiaire des Parfums Iconic Edition collection represents elegance, but also freedom, exactly what she wants. Its violet notes are sweet yet seductive, while coriander and black pepper add a little much-needed modernity and spice.

Drama Queen 

The Look: More is more for this little lady, who never met a print she didn't like (or pair with more prints and accessories). She’s not afraid of a little attention – in fact, she'd like a lot of it, thank you very much.

The Fragrance: Margot Fonteyn, the prima ballerina, certainly loved a little bit of attention, too, so this Iiuvo Fonteyn perfume, named for her and available at Lane Crawford, is the perfect match. A bouquet of unusual notes characterises this scent, which melds grapefruit with rosemary and cardamom at the top, blackcurrant with freesia at the heart, finishing with moss, vanilla, patchouli and papyrus. A head-turner, indeed.

The Gentleman

The Look: Others may shy away from formal garb, but this man lives to be dressed to the nines. Suits are his uniform of choice, and there's nothing he relishes more than a freshly pressed shirt – French cuffs? Mais bien sur!

The Fragrance: Fresh, raw, noble – all these adjectives combine to summarise Dior's Sauvage, a choice that’s at once both expected and exciting. Calabrian bergamot is paired with ambroxan with a woody trail that will please even the most discerning nose.

Street Savvy

The Look: He's a hypebeast at heart, knows all the newest and hottest labels and loves nothing more than a new collaboration collection. You can spot him from a mile away wearing the season’s coolest duds, all of which come with waiting lists.

The Fragrance: Atelier Cologne's Gold Leather is a timeless, androgynous scent that's delicate yet bold, paying homage to the past while being future-oriented, with sensual notes of leather, oud, bergamot and davana that’s sure to grab attention.

Cozy Classic

The Look: Comfortable but put together, this guy loves golf, owns more than one pair of khaki trousers, and doesn't have to bother giving anyone his membership number at the country club. The Fragrance: For he who loves a classic but with his own twist, there’s no better option than diptyque's Eau De Minthé Eau De Parfum, a fresh mint that’s livened up by accords of geranium and patchouli.

The Individual

The Look: It’s easy to assume men's fashion is boring or cut and dried, till you meet this unique chap. There'll be no T-shirt and jeans combo for him – in fact, is that even a shirt? Are those pants? Who knows, and who cares – he looks great.

The Fragrance: Penhaligon's Portraits collection features all sorts of fun characters, including the latest, Terrible Teddy, who has “a sharp eye, a keen wit and a detached attitude”. Notes-wise, you'll sniff a warm yet beguiling combination of incense, pink peppercorns, cedar, ambrosian and patchouli.

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