Two of the city's top style virtuosos give their tips on skincare and dressing well

Angus Wong, DJ

Days in the office and nights playing music, but Angus Wong finds time to take care of himself

Can you describe your daily routine?

One of the most damaging things you can do to your skin is to walk outside without sunscreen. On a regular day, I'll use cleansing water to remove sunscreen, then face wash, apply a toner and exfoliate. The parts that people normally see should be exfoliated, like hands and feet.

What do you look for in a grooming product?

A lot of people say go organic but I believe in science. Fragrance or scent doesn't worry me that much. I think it’s about how effective it is and if it has proven results.

Should men shape their eyebrows?

Some men should but it depends on the person's features.

What are the three keys to shaving?

Don't cut yourself, use some sort of lubrication and don't over do it – if you're going for a beard or a stubbly look, you don't want it to look too manicured.

How do you decide what facial hair suits your face?

It's important to understand what you have and do what you can with it. What bugs me is when people who don't have enough hair to grow a beard, try to grow a beard. It's essentially the comb over of beards and that's not what you're going for in trying to look more masculine.

What's the one tip men should know about skincare?

I wish more men knew about moisturising from the inside; drink more water. It really helps your skin. Taking care of yourself is the best way to keep your skin healthy.

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Walter Hau,
Events Company Director

He is not often in a suit, but Walter Hau carries off a smart look with aplomb

How do you style your pocket square?

I like it either straight, simple, sleek, or maybe a little bit floppy like a rose. Nothing too complicated but it depends on the suit and the styling.

Where do you have your suits fitted?

Sometimes I go to Ermenegildo Zegna, sometimes to my friends who are tailors.

What's your favourite suit and tie combination?

There's no favourite, I always change my mind. It depends on the mood and the fit but, for me, the lapel cannot be too narrow.

How do you jazz up a white-shirt-black-suit combination?

There's a few things: a nice black-and-white pocket square; a lapel pin, like a flower; a nice pair of brown shoes or patent leather shoes.

What's the secret to wearing a tan coloured suit?

Have a good tan. Maybe a fine blue denim shirt.

Any rules on what shoes to wear with suits?

For a blue suit, most people will do black shoes but I like brown shoes, sometimes burgundy. These days I'm wearing graduated colour shoes in blue and another pair in grey. I'll wear boots with a suit but I’ll tend to keep the pants a bit more narrow and shorter to show off the boot.

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