Scent of Life: Talk with Zelia Zhong
What is the scent of life? Everyone has their own answer.

Monse striped chiffon regalia scarf blouse from Lane Crawford (HK$11,600)
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How would your friend describe you?
My friends who first met me might find me cold and distant as I always refuse to hang out and prefer staying home. But once we get along, I could be really cheerful and warm-hearted. Also, I am not as feminine or elegant as I appear to be, and that’s probably why some of my friends find my personality contradictory to my appearance.

What is your favourite scent? 
I love the refreshing smell of nature, especially a citrusy smell, it often puts me in a pleasant mood. A light scent not only relaxes me, but also matches my inner self of being carefree

How would you choose your everyday perfume?
I would choose something floral, woody and musk-like, as these are the more nature-inspired scents that soothe me, like how leaves and plants do.

You have a "tree hole" section on Instagram that allows you to interact with your followers on daily and emotional issues, so how did this idea come along?
I love expressing sentiments in words. I've had some emotional issues before, and I’m well aware of the pain in having nowhere to express yourself. With social platforms like Instagram, I try to help people by providing comfort the best way I can. A lot of people may tend to over-emphasise on the outcomes, which would easily lead to discouragement. I hope they can focus more on the process instead, which is often more valuable and inspiring.

You are an avid traveler, which scent is the most memorable to you among your journeys?
During my visit to Switzerland, there was a heart gladdening and refreshing smell from the snowy mountains, the coolness hovering in the air that mixed with the scent of sunshine filled me with warmth and nostalgia.


The scent of nature calms the mind, so the bergamot and sandalwood notes of LOEWE 001, the clean amber notes of Le Labo Ambrette 9 and the light post-rain scent of Le Labo Baie 19 would match with Zelia's idea to be appeased. Last but not least, the light garden scent of diptyque Olene could also act as a close alternative.

From left

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