Scent of Life: Talk with Ricky KAZAF
What is the scent of life? Everyone has their own answer.

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How would you describe yourself?
I'm a person with dual personality. I tended to be more conservative, and behaved by the rules; growing up, getting to know more about the real world, I started to search for new thrills to enrich myself and be more open-minded, which conflicted with what I used to be. At home, I can be pretty quiet, but when I am out with friends, I will be more sociable and energetic.

Do you remember how your first perfume smelt like?
My first perfume, which I saved up to get it when I was 18, left a strong impression on me. It was ARMANI's Acqua Di Gio for men. I have a particular fondness for this scent, probably because it somehow gives off an impression of a "successful person". When I first stepped into the society, I wished to be tasteful like a gentleman, and owning that perfume was perhaps the most accessible shortcut to achieve that goal when I was young.

Do you think a particular scent would evoke certain memories?
The first thing that comes to my mind is the perfume I encountered in a trip last year, it smelt incredibly sexy and distinctive, reminded me the feeling of enjoying myself in a music-filled summer party. I wore this perfume daily throughout the whole trip. The scent still reminds me the bits and pieces from that journey even when I am back in Hong Kong.

Some say fragrance is an "invisible veneer", what do you think about its role in shaping a person's look or temperament? Can you share your suggestions on makeup and perfume pairings for men?
The scent helps a lot in styling, it stimulates the imagination and paints a richer and more solid picture of oneself, which hence changes the mood and temperament of a person, as well as how other people see you. Therefore, the first step in perfume pairing is to get to know yourself, and understand your mood at that moment.
Then it is the occasion. When you hit the gym, it is best to go with a fresher scent; when attending a formal meeting, it is best to choose a perfume with woody notes that brings out the gentleman in you; when it comes to a party, a tobacco or boozy fragrance that blends you in the atmosphere will be a great pick.

Which scent would you choose to describe your current state in life?
Cotton! Cotton can be shaped into different forms, silhouettes and textures. It has this pristine white appearance and a calming smell. Nonetheless, it also reflects my current character and state: versatile and can master different style!


The joyful party vibe evokes memories of Ricky's travels, while the pure, soothing texture of cotton mirrors his current state in life. So Atelier Cologne Clémentine California's vibrant citrus fruit, Serge Lutens Des clous pour une pelure's lively spicy clove and CLEAN RESERVE Blend Warm Cotton's simple, soft cotton notes are perfect for his two very different personalities.

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