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The Measure of a Man
A few things to consider before investing in a bespoke suit.

"Standardization is not what luxury menswear has historically been about," explains Tom Ford, which is why the brand's made-to-measure service is so important. And with so many bespoke tailoring options at ifc, it's important that you read these tips before you get yourself fitted for a suit – even if you're a seasoned shopper who's had no shortage of garments made to fit your frame, you might still learn a thing or two. Hey, who knows, maybe there's even a secret service headquartered behind those rolls of fabric...

Make Time

"Slowness is a virtue", declare the custom tailors at Tom Ford.  Don't rush. Made-to-measure is a luxury service and these things take time - including yours. Make sure you make decisions thoughtfully, go through all the options thoroughly and allow the tailor time to take your measurements meticulously so there are no errors - speed through the process and you’re the only one who will regret it. At Tom Ford, it takes seven weeks to deliver a bespoke piece, so don't try to shave off a few minutes for convenience.

Single or Double?

While single- or double-breasted is most definitely a personal preference, Alessio Lardini, brand manager of Lardini, which is available through Lane Crawford, suggests, "The double breasted is the quintessential dress from English elegant heritage. This type of jacket is suggested for tall men with regular body shapes. Otherwise, the single-breasted is suggested to men that wish to seem more slender."

Best in Show

Stop thinking "best", and start thinking "best for you". Experts at Ascot Chang caution, "The belief that a higher Super count is better is a typical misconception that suggest is best not to obsess over." Instead, consider which fabrics best suit your lifestyle, as well as factors such as breathability, stretch and durability, instead of just aesthetics.

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