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Five Steps to a Better Life with lululemon’s Ada Cheung
While ifc may be a retail and wine-and-dine desination, we also recognise the importance of slowing down and focusing on mental health

Spin junkies will recognise Ada Cheung from her four-year stint as an instructor, known for her infectious laugh and won't-let-you-quit spirit. This world traveller (she's lived in Taipei, Singapore and Canada, though she calls Hong Kong her home) recently joined the lululemon team at ifc as an assistant manager leading the community pillar, creating exciting ways to nurture and integrate holistic health into everybody's lives – so who better than her to pen a guide on how to keep your spirits high at all times?

1. Dedicate time to solitude . Our lives are a complex and busy combination of commitments and responsibilities, yet the biggest priority should always be your holistic well-being. Dedicate an uninterrupted time for yourself once a week, (best if it's a whole day!) where you put your phone down, clear any social activities and work responsibilities, and you simply read, journal, meditate – find time to feel completely at ease with yourself.

Our tip: Even in the middle of the city, you can find quiet and solace – grab a healthy juice and zoom up to our rooftop garden to stare out at the ocean and clear your head space; there’s nothing like a view of our beautiful city to calm the mind.

2. Be selective in the people you choose to spend time with and cultivate deep friendships with. Quality will always serve you in richer ways than short lived and shallow conversations. Don't fear missing out on a social occasion and compromise your valued time and energy 

3. Find an internal compass for joy and success, instead of looking outward to compare whether you've "made it". Someone else's salary, body type, personality...the list goes on...are someone else's story. Trust that your truest source of joy and success, comes from your fulfilling your own unique purpose and expression of your character.

4. Find a balance of exercise most suitable for you. Everyone's body is different and their lifestyle demands different needs. Find a creative combination of exercises specific to you (including stretching, strengthening and cardio options is a good idea).  Also, ensure that the motivation behind exercise should always be out of love for your body, not because of guilt from a piece of cake you've eaten!

Our tip: lululemon hosts all sorts of fun and free-of-charge community events in and outside of its stores, from group runs and yoga to hikes, breathwork and even gong baths.

5. Be generous with your kindness! Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and have an honest attitude of expecting nothing in return! Don't take any negativity you experience personally; you never know what someone is going through at any point in the day. Trust that no matter how someone may treat you, your value, joy and happiness lies within you and is untouched by others.

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