Style has its basis in tradition, not in trends, according to businessman Philip Lee


"Men need to think about what it is they stand for and how those values come out in what they wear"

Philip Lee

Lee, @hakkaphil, owns a leading recruitment firm, owns a cocktail lounge and is married to entertainer Myolie Wu

Tell us about your personal style?

I'm more about style over fashion. I prefer to wear something classy over something that is up to date or expensive. Men need to think more about what it is they stand for and how those values come out in what they wear.

Are you a suit-and-tie man?

I was raised in England and I wear British suits that are more structured and fitted. You should look smart, respect the work environment and your look should focus on being smart rather than fashionable.

Any tips for men trying to dress the part?

I'm a big believer in coloured ties; power ties. If you're wearing a suit for business, invariably it's dark and a flash of colour can show your character. It's the same with socks and pocket squares.

So, you have a minimalist wardrobe of classic suits and accessories?

Yes. There are some guys that obsess over what to wear. I don't think that sends the right message.

When there's a moment to relax, what are we likely to see you in?

I guess I have a reputation for being a bit more formal than not. If I'm out for dinner, smart casual: a sports jacket, dress shirt, jeans and more-informal dress shoes.

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