Buddy is a One ifc staff member that melts hearts while making friends

Meet Buddy, man – and woman's – best friend, whose mission is to not only keep One ifc safe but also work while wagging his tail. This canine member of ifc's highly trained security team is part of a detail that works around the perimeter of One ifc, keeping the building safe and secure.

The one-year old Labrador and his handlers are most noticeable during the rush hour each morning and evening, and again during lunchtime, as they work to ensure that everything is as it should be. When he's on the job, Buddy is most often to be seen patrolling the lobby at One ifc, putting minds at ease.

Outside of peak hours, Buddy exercises regularly and his minders train with him to ensure he is in good shape, and his nose is up to snuff. From time to time, Buddy is also sent to professional training camp to refresh his chops.

Friendly, happy and gentle, Buddy has quickly embraced his role as a guard dog and has become somewhat of an ambassador. With his bright disposition, great sense of humour and keen sense of smell, Buddy is one of ifc's most popular personalities and we can see a bright future for him here. When we asked Buddy to comment about his work at ifc, he had little to say. It seems our star employee is the strong silent type.

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