Summer is always in season at ifc mall

Have you ever wondered why stepping inside the ifc mall feels so good? Part of the secret to delivering the most enjoyable entertainment experience lies with a scent called Summer.

The scent packs a wake-up call to the senses, calming and energising simultaneously, and has become a signature experience upon entering the mall. You would have noticed that Summer is particularly noticeable around the entrances as the scent is dispensed by aromatherapy misters here.

The scent itself was created to reflect the feelings that might envelop you on a clear, summer morning. There are head notes of citrus and basil, along with the obvious tones of bergamot that have become a signature of Hong Kong’s best-loved mall. There are other clean, floral tones too; jasmine and lily of the valley. When combined, they deliver the kind of freshness that is utterly singular, completely welcoming - exactly the right note.

The British house of Penhaligon’s created Summer exclusively for ifc mall to ensure our guests enjoy the ultimate sensory experience every time they visit. Oak plays a starring role in the ifc fragrance because Summer is a twist on the classic cologne, Quercus, named after the Latin word for oak tree.FF

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