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Mats Klingberg, the founder of Trunk Clothiers available at Lane Crawford, shares his essential suiting tips

Mats Klingberg founded Trunk Clothiers in 2010, a men's fashion emporium that showcases a range of carefully curated mens' brands across fashion and lifestyle categories.  He also handles buying for Lane Crawford's modern tailoring department

How do I update my suit for autumn/winter 2019?

Knitwear is not really an accessory, but a nice way to add a bit of extra texture and make the traditional suit look a bit softer. If you go with a roll neck you can skip the shirt and tie all together and still look the part. And a nice alternative to the traditional round neck or V neck is a polo neck. If the weather is a bit changeable you can also wear the sweater casually thrown over your shoulders as a back-up in case the temperatures drop.

Is there a way to make a suit look less corporate?

If you go with a more soft tailored suit, it's now more and more accepted to pair your suit with a pair of sneakers. For this to work, it's important that the suit is of a more relaxed cut.

What about accessories?

Hats, scarves, gloves, ties, pocket squares and cufflinks are traditional accessories and every season there's always lots of new versions to mix up with your old ones. Bags and small leather goods are another way to update your workwear look, so why not swap out your briefcase with a canvas totebag? And your black wallet and umbrella with bright orange ones? Lots of great slip-ons and loafers in this season as well, which is great when you're travelling as they easily can come on and off.

Any tips for packing a stylish wardrobe for business trips?

When travelling, opt for clothes that can easily be mixed and matched and dressed up or down. A softer tailored jacket can easily be dressed up with a crisp shirt and tie and dressed down with a t-shirt or polo shirt. A pair of good navy or beige chinos goes well with both the more dressed up look and the more dressed down one. If you travel in sneaker, you can have a pair of more dressy shoes in your carry-on.

What's the number-one rule when it comes to fashion?

One important rule is not to worry or over think too much. If you keep things simple and have a tightly edited wardrobe where most things fit together and that you feel good and look good in, you’ve come a long way.

Anything I absolutely should not do?

For me the two big no-nos are to not remove the vent stitches at the back of your newly bought jacket or to leave the brand label at the bottom of your sleeve if there is one.

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