Philosophy of Foods
“It(Food) is an extraordinary complex: on the one hand, there is good food, dressed and cooked according to the rules of art; on the other, a whole tangle of fancies, whims, tastes, imaginations, idiosyncrasies.”- Arthur Machen


Rose wonderland tea set from SHÈ (HK$368)

Soul of Fusion

"Fusion cuisine" embodies the multiculturalism that people seek, with ingredients sourced from the ends of the world, and culinary techniques that span the East and West. The different elements collide together without losing their individuality, bringing a richer taste experience to diners.

Beef rib with pat chun from The Glasshouse (HK$268)
The Glasshouse's beef ribs are cooked with Chinese ingredients in western style, the balsamic vinegar is replaced by Pat Chun sweet vinegar, the dish is then prepared in the sous-vide manner. The beef ribs are tender and full of flavours, naturally exuding the distinctive aroma of the sweet vinegar.

Canadian live geoduck poached in lobster soup from Lei Garden (current price)
Inspired by Yunnan "Crossing-the-bridge noodles", the hot and fragrant lobster soup is drizzled over the fresh geoducks at the moment of serving, which brings out the sweetness of the two premium ingredients. This also keeps a tenderly chewy texture of the geoducks just right.

Feast Your Eyes

"Feast your eyes" expresses the great pleasure and delight in simply looking at great goodies. Presented with a plate of insatiably enticing dessert, would you rather spend time to adore its beauty or devour it in a second?

Darjeeling milk tea cake from DALLOYAU (HK$438)
The light aroma of Darjeeling black tea first freshened your sense of smell, it then adds pleasure to your sense of taste by a sweet, moist and tender chiffon cake with chocolate beads. To complete such feast for your eyes, the red chocolate piece is decorated by a golden lining for a distinctive visual treat.

(Left) Raspberry lychee bavarois from La Famille (HK$320-HK$450)
(Right) Earl grey tea chiffon cake from La Famille (HK$360-$910)
La Famille's desserts are always inspired by fashion, and indeed, the translucent appearance adorned with eye-catching colourful tropical fruits taking this Bavarois to the next level. The sweet and sourness of lychees and raspberries create an intense flavour that one shan't forget.
This La Famille signature cake is made with English Earl Grey tea, the fluffy chiffon cake base exudes a fresh aroma of tea, with Hokkaido fresh cream blended with tea leaves, making every bite sweet and fragrant.

Fresh Ingredients

Japanese has a romantic and aesthetic concept of food − "Mono no aware", i.e. a sensitivity to ephemera, everything in the world needs to be taken to heart and tasted carefully. In terms of modern cuisine, it is their pursuit of fresh ingredients, which is with the essence of nature.

Shoyu Hamaguri soup ramen from Ramen House Konjiki Hototogisu (HK$128)
The secret soup base of their signature ramen in shellfish sauce is a mixture of clear fish broth, pork bone broth and clam broth made from freshly shipped clams daily. The addition of chef’s homemade sauces − black truffle sauce, porcini mushroom powder and porcini mushroom oil − along with slices of pork steamed in soy sauce gives the ramen a richer texture and a more sophisticated soup base.

Ten-color mini seafood donburi from Mu-ni by La Bombance (HK$190/$280)
The seasonal sashimi is carefully selected and delivered directly from Toyosu Fish Market in Tokyo. Japanese Saga rice is chosen, which is with a beautiful aura and round, with a blend of two types of red vinegar that are commonly used in Edomae sushi, the sourness is prominent but not overwhelming, bringing out the freshness of the sashimi.

Taste of Home 

Everyone who lives far from home tends to look for emotional flavour in food, as taste goes straight to the heart, and a familiar flavour often evokes memories of the past. People from around the world can seek a sense of belonging here, in a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong.

La Rambla's sunday market brunch from La Rambla by Catalunya (HK$550/per person)
This brunch transports you to the Spanish food market in an instant, in which you could find a selection of salads, fresh seafood, tartare and cold cuts for starters. With a range of Spanish specialties, a choice of meat and seafood dishes, alongside Chef Ferran's signature paella, it's sure to take you down the memory lane of the good old days in Spain.

Duck & Waffle from Duck & Waffle (HK$230)
This namesake dish is definitely an English treat worth checking out. The oil-sealed duck legs are cooked in a manner that the fragrance fully penetrates the meat, leaving the outer crispness and tenderness on the inside. The waffle and maple syrup brings a rich flavour to the savoury meat, the duck egg is cooked sunny-side-up that the runny yolk adds magic to the dish.

Roasted chicken with homemade osmanthus sauce from Cuisine Cuisine  (HK$620) 
As we all know, chicken has been one of the most popular meat in traditional Chinese cuisine, and this dish by Cuisine Cuisine brings a richer twist to this classic ingredient. First, marinate the chicken with osmanthus and osmanthus wine, then grill it until the skin is crispy and tender. The nicely cooked roast chicken gives out a light scent of osmanthus that is unforgettable to many.

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