Alison Chan-El Azar is a mother, model and workout lover, who says moisturise at will for a natural, nude look

"To keep my skin fresh, I keep rosewater spray in my bag and spray it throughout the day"

I started experimenting with make-up when I was about 15 years old. I wasn't really allowed to put on make-up but I managed to sneak some of my mum's products. I think the first thing I had ever tried was blush and the second thing would be something for the eyes, and then I just fell in love with eye make-up and I never really stopped.

Brightening, firming and moisturising are all important to me. I think moisture is the key to keeping skin youthful and makes a difference if you want radiant skin. Foundation is definitely one of the most important things on my make-up table and I‘m a fan of contouring. Do highlight your features and make sure things stand out. I like to highlight my cheekbones. Bronzer also adds a little chisel and a 3D look helps shape.

I put on sunscreen every single day for healthy skin – I'll even do a lip balm with SPF. I don't wear much make-up when I work out because I sweat a lot. I keep it simple but I'll use a little foundation because having fresh skin is important to me. I'll use a little sunscreen and if I have to do my eyes, I'll put a little mascara on and that's it.

To keep my skin fresh, I keep rosewater spray in my bag and I will spray it throughout the day if I feel dry. A compact is definitely necessary to keep the oil off. For summer I keep it quite light. I spend a lot of time in the water, on the boat or on the beach with the sun shining on my face, so you don't want too much make-up on because it's easy to look cakey. It's got to be natural and fresh.


The collection focuses on highlights and contouring in sheer finishes to enhance healthy radiance

From left:
Soleil Contouring Compact; L'Odissea Tinted Lip Balm; Young Adonis Cream and Powder Eye Colour; Soleil Bronzer Gold Dust

Special thanks:
TOM FORD Beauty; hair by Zap Tang

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